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Fun, Daring and Sparkly! Jamalouki x Swarovski collaborate to capture the beauty of crystals in a metaphorical ambience where an explosion of colors and magic meet.

A new way of self-expression starts with the Wonderlab Collection!

A new chapter has been added to the success story of Swarovski, celebrating its 125th anniversary. A new, bold and dramatic vision marking the creations of the Australian Crystal House, and a unique era begins: Wonderlab!

According to the Creative Director Giovanna Engelbert, “The Wonderlab is where science and magic meet, where extra and elegance collide, it is a feeling of wonder that everyone should experience as we invite them into our new world at Swarovski.”

“Ignite Your Dreams” is the motto that describes the world of Swarovski's new Wonderlab. Known for adding glamor to the world of fashion, and famous for being a constant source of inspiration in the shops of culture and elegance, the house begins a new era with its creations. 

Photographed by Patrick Sawaya 

Produced by Jamalouki Team - Dubai, UAE